Responsible Gaming

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JeetBuzz takes action to prevent the negative consequences of gambling.

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Many people, including our Users, see gambling as fun, a chance to win money, and a bit of risk. However, we also know that for some people, gambling can lead to harm and problems. Gambling addiction is considered a serious mental illness by medical experts.

Since we started, we’ve been concerned about this and take steps to prevent problems and protect our Users. When we talk about “Responsible Gambling,” we mean doing things to stop the bad effects of gambling. If someone is already struggling with addiction, we’ll do our best to help them and stop it from getting worse.

Studies show that the best way to prevent gambling problems is by educating people about the risks and what could happen. This helps Users play with more awareness, have better self-control, and reduces the chance of having problems with their health because of gambling.

We’ve set up a “Customer Support Team” to make it easier for Users to reach us, and it’s completely free. You can contact us by emailing

Your privacy is important to us. Rest assured, our “Customer Support Team” keeps your personal information safe and won’t share it with anyone without your permission.

If you’re noticing unusual behaviors related to gambling or are worried about your health because of it, you can take a safe self-test by clicking here:

For more information on gambling addiction and its effects on health, visit:

We’ve also compiled helpful tips for responsible gambling on our site at These tips are designed to help you avoid any negative consequences while gambling.

Before you start gambling, think about how much you’re comfortable spending. Set a maximum amount for yourself that won’t cause problems in your life. Remember, gambling should be fun, not stressful.

When you play, remember it’s for entertainment, not to make money. If you lose, don’t try to win it all back. This can be risky and lead to more problems.

Decide how long you’ll gamble for and stick to it. Gambling should be just one part of your life, not the only thing you do.

Only gamble when you’re feeling good and clear-headed. Avoid gambling if you’re stressed, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or not feeling well. Your well-being comes first.
Take Breaks When Needed.

It’s important to rest and take breaks when you feel tired or realize you’re losing control. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s best to pause the game and take some time to relax.

Stick to using just one account – your own. This helps you keep track of your time and money spent on gambling. It’s easier to stay in control, and if necessary, you can stop more effectively.

You must be over 18 to use our Service. Don’t share your account details with underage friends. This helps keep both you and them safe from the risks of gambling.

To protect minors, consider installing a filter program on your devices to block access to unsafe online content, including gambling sites. We recommend using a filter program like Famisafe:

If you’ve been diagnosed with a gambling addiction or think you might have one, consider Self-Exclusion. This allows you to completely remove yourself from our Service and avoid gambling for a chosen period, from six months to five years. Once you opt for Self-Exclusion, it’s permanent and cannot be undone during the chosen period.

To initiate Self-Exclusion from our Service, reach out to our support team at We’ll address your concerns and provide guidance on the next steps.

During the Self-Exclusion period, you cannot create new accounts on our Service. Attempting to do so violates our Terms of Service, resulting in permanent banning of both new and original accounts.